Aichun Beauty Anti-Acne Whitening In Pakistan

Moisturizing, oil control, Acne reduction & sun repair
Quickly relieves dryness, redness, and swelling of the skin
Effectively eliminate acne and reduce acne traces, promote acne wound healing, repair damaged skin
This product is a natural care anti-acne, whitening new inflammation and removing acne and formula is specially designed for skin affected by acne, can quickly relieve skin dryness, redness, and swelling, direct infiltration of acne, effectively eliminate acne and reduce acne marks, promote wound healing acne, repair damaged skin, resist melanin and bright color of skin, make skin white and smooth Anti-Acne Whitening in Pakistan

Skin type: suitable for all skin types.

Note: For sensitive skin, please test on the inside of your arm before use

Instructions for use:

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Aichun Beauty Anti-Acne Whitening In Pakistan

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