Garlic Hip Enlargement Oil In Pakistan

Garlic Hips Enlargement oil In Pakistan is a Natural buttock augmentation oil to eliminate cellulite.

Effect: Hips Enlargement and Firming Oil In Pakistan
Hip essential oil is an effective oil, which is extracted from garlic, to help the buttock tighten, reduce black lies and maintain the skin’s natural balance.

How to use butt augmentation Garlic Oil

1. Use a hot towel to apply the hip for 1-2 minutes.
2. Apply the product evenly on the buttock.
3. One-hand massage to improve the hip (both hands, in turn, approximately 10 times).
4. Both hands lifted the hip from the bottom up (approximately 10 times).
5. Alternate two-hand massage (approximately 10 times).
6. Two-hand massage alternating with the shaped hip (approximately 10 times).
7. Two hands simultaneously inward and upward raising the hip (approximately 10 times).

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Garlic Hip Enlargement Oil In Pakistan

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