Widon For Men’s Health Enhancement In Pakistan

Sexual health in men can get compromised due to many reasons including poor physical health, stress, lack of nutrition, sedentary lifestyle, or medication. This affects not only the hormonal levels and sperm health but also affects libido and stamina in men. The energy levels also get reduced and a person has to face many symptoms and sexual disorders, affecting health and fertility.


Improve stamina & vitality
Promotes libido and performance
Improve sperm volume, motility, and count
Reduce symptoms of erectile dysfunction (ED)
Reduce stress-related sexual dysfunction
Supplement Facts

Each tablet contains:

Tribulus Terrestris Extract: 250 mg
Ginkgo Biloba Extract: 20 mg
Ginseng Extract: 50 mg
L-Arginine: 25 mg
Ascorbic Acid: 50 mg
Vitamin E: 10 mg

Suggested Usage

One (1) to two (2) tablets as a dietary supplement after a full meal or as directed by a health care professional.
Do not exceed the daily recommended dose. In case of pregnancy,
lactation, or any hypersensitivity to the ingredients, kindly consult your health care professional before using it.

Made In



30 Capsule




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Widon For Men’s Health Enhancement In Pakistan

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